LFS with Ubuntu x86_64 as a base in LVM VM

LFS Stable 7.6 with Ubuntu Server 14.04 install with only openssh option during installation (assuming you will ssh instead of console). Additional packages needed:
build-essential gawk bison m4 texinfo expect gettext
Before attemting to compile anything, adjust the /usr/bin/awk symlink to point to gawk and yacc to point to the yacc bison script:
rm /usr/bin/awk
ln -s /usr/bin/gawk /usr/bin/awk
rm /usr/bin/yacc
ln -s /usr/bin/bison.yacc /usr/bin/yacc
Remember that the goal is a full 64 bit system – there are notes in the LFS book that specify different options based on x86 vs x86_64.
In Chapter 5, compiling gawk, 5 tests failed.
In Chapter 8.3, copy the kernel out of arch/x86_64 instead of arch/x86.
Still tweaking minimum kernel config, currently booting at 17MB RAM used with 17MB added for disk cacheing. I will post my config when I am happy with it.

UPDATE: 13.03MB used, after kernel tweaks – I also installed OpenSSH for sshd, so that is running in the 13.03MB. Config attached here – config


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