Toxic voice mail?

Wife’s Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hltetmo) running LineageOS 14.1, Android 7.1.2, August 9th, 2017 revision

My wife’s phone started acting up this morning (07-JAN-2018). Every time she tried to open her Phone app, it would crash. She had received a voice mail and the notification said it was for Apple voice mail. She could receive calls, and could still call out from Contacts with no issue. (Text for those searching is “This is a message for the Apple voice mail system”.

Fix 1: Update to latest LineageOS – Jan 3rd, 2018 for her device (needed to be done anyway, so tried this first).
Update downloaded from Settings->About->LineageOS Updates, rebooted into TWRP, update is nowhere to be found. It should have been in /data/lineageos_updates, but that directory did not exist on either internal storage or sdcard. Downloaded it from my computer and created the folder and copied it to her phone via abd shell/push. Wiped cache/Dalvik, installed update from TWRP, wiped cache/Dalvik again, and rebooted. Phone app still crashes.

Fix 2: Wipe Phone app data and cache from Settings->Apps
Completed this, still crashing when trying to open the Phone app.

Fix 3: Reinstall Latest Open-GApps (Jan 06, 2018)
Downloaded latest ARM Open-GApps mini, rebooted into TWRP, wiped cache/Dalvik, installed Open-GApps, wiped cache/Dalvik again. After reboot, same behavior. Phone app crashes every time you try to open it.

Fix 4: Try another device
I removed her SIM card, and put it into my Nexus 5 TMo, which was working just fine before I cracked the screen and moved to my LG G3. This device’s Phone app started crashing. At this point, it must be something with her account or SIM.

Fix 5: Disable voice mail on her line
Thankfully, I use Ting. I logged into Ting, and disabled voice mail on her line, waited a few minutes, and rebooted the Nexus 5, which still had her SIM in it. Phone app now launches with no issue. I pulled the SIM out, put it back into her Note 3, and powered it up. I wiped the Phone app’s data and cache again, and the Phone app now works with no issue. I re-enabled voice mail on her line, and now it works with no issue, and the mysterious voice mail (along with the test voice mail I left afterwards) is gone.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

UPDATE: 08-JAN-2018: The voice mail is now back! I am not sure if it is another voice mail, or it just took longer than I expected for the voice mail to be re-enabled, but her line shows no calls since my test call on 07-JAN-2018. I have opened an email ticket with Ting to see if they can clear her voice mail box.

UPDATE 2: 09-JAN-2018: Ting Support has purged the voice mail! I cleared the Phone app cache once again, and my wife’s phone is now working with no issues again.

UPDATE 3: 12-JAN-2018: Still working with no issues. Thanks to Ting for both allowing me to make the changes during my initial troubleshooting and for the great support. You guys ROCK!

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